Solo Performances

A dedicated and talented “natural” musician, Richard “Rick” Oberson has been strumming on his six string guitar and entertaining folks since first learning those early Beatles songs back in the late 70’s. He fully enjoys picking the blues and he knows some early folk songs as well but Rick is most well versed in the early rock & roll tunes written throughout the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. Some of Ricks early influences come from bands like The Beatles, Steely Dan, Chicago, The Steve Miller Band, The Rolling Stones to name a few.

When not on the road working or traveling Rick stays busy between event dates by playing more intimate solo gigs within well established restaurants, clubs & bars throughout the Rockland County N.Y. & Bergen County N.J. areas. Rick is constantly honing his chops and learning new material and is always looking for new exciting people to work with, play with and new venues to fill with his music. Rick is known for being a “personable musician” and whenever possible he will tailor his Set lists to your liking and is always an excellent addition to any private event, small party or backyard gathering that you may be hosting.

Please fill out the form on our Contact page to book Rick for a solo performance at your next event.