Duo Performances

Throughout the years, Rick Oberson has played along side of and partnered up with several talented independent musicians. Every once in a while one comes across a solid reliable musician/partner that can properly support you while up there on stage as a solo guitarist by reading your next move and by adding to the performance backing rhythms or perhaps a low end Bass lines or some lead or backing vocal harmonies. These types of “give and take” relationships that develop over the years between talented musicians are part of the science that helps to shape any Duo or Duet performances. Rick has learned this at an early age and completely understands this intricate logic.

Oberson stays loyal and enjoys playing out live backed by a few of his long time musician friends and band mates. Back when it all began…the original TFO Duo consists of Rick and a very talented and accomplished Bass guitar Player/Singer/Songwriter Mr. Greg Hollister. Rick & Greg have been playing the local music venue circuit together for the last 20 plus years collaboratively and they are still out there having fun when doing so.

Rick & Gregg

Rick & Gregg

Another extremely talented Bass plucking partner that you will find out there playing beside Rick on Duo shows is a well renown player by the name of Mr. Dave Keyes. Dave has been backing Rick for more than fifteen years and also sings, plays 4 string & 5 string bass guitar, plays dobro guitar & blues harp. When these guys take the stage it is always exciting to watch them jam live.

When witnessing either of these Duo’s live in person you will be blown away by the sheer amount talent & vast material that these guys can cover while observing how well they back each other and play off one another, a very impressive show.

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